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Institutul de Fizică Aplicată
str. Academiei, 5
Chișinău, MD-2028
tel.: +(373) 22 738150
fax: +(373) 22 738149
e-mail: [javascript protected email address]

Alexei Gaina - pagină personală

  • Prenume: Alexei
  • Nume: Gaina
  • Grad: dr.
  • Titlu: fără titlu
  • Birou: 241
  • telefon : + (373) 22 739513
  • fax : + (373) 22 738149
  • e-mail: [javascript protected email address]
  • Adresa pt corespondență :
    Alexei Gaina,
    bir. 241, ,
    Institutul de Fizică Aplicată,
    str. Academiei, 5, Chișinău,
    MOLDOVA (Rep.)

                                                           tel.mob. +(373) 60414134

                                                           tel.dom. +(373) 22 512674



  1. I have finished the seconadary school in Telenesti, former Soviet S.R. of Moldova in 1971 with gold medal.
  2. I have studdied in 1971-1972 at the Physical and Mathematical Faculty of the State University of Chisinau with mention
  3. In 1972 I was transfered to Physics Department of the Moscow Lomonosov State University, which I have finished in 1977 with the 3-rd result from a number of 400 graduated
  4. I am a doctor of Physical and Mathematical  Sciences since 1982 from the Moscow State University
  5. In 1980-1983 I worked as Senior researcher at the Plane Institute of the State GOSPLAN of Moldavian SSR
  6. In 1983-1988 I worked as assistent at the Deprtament of Physics of the Kishinev Politechnic Institute (actually: Technical University of Moldova)
  7. Later I worked as translator,  engineer and other till 1991
  8. In 1991 -1993 I was engaged as Senior Researcher grade II at the Gravitation and Space Sciences Institute in Bucharest
  9. In 1993-1995 I was a senior researcher at the History of Sciences of the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova
  10. Later I worked in a private sector, teacher and lecturer of statistics in the Republic of Moldova
  11. In 2016 I was engaged at the Laboratory of Physics of Semiconductors Compounds at the Institute of Applied Physics of Moldova

I was a member of the European Physical Society since 1993 till 2000; A member of European Astronomical Society since 1992 till 2002; Actually I am a member of European Mathematical Society and International Society of General Relativity and Gravitation. I am also a member of few national Societies in Gravitation and Astronomy.

I am a reviewer at Zentralblatt für Μathematik since 2000 (more than 240 Reviews), Astrophysics Data System since 1995 (about 600 Abstracts), Biblus since 2002 (about 200 reviews).

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