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Project ANCD 20.80009.5007.18 Manufacturing of new micro- and nanostructuring materials by physico-chemical methods and the elaboration of technologies on their base

Type : Project within the State Programs funded by the National Agency for Research and Development of the Republic of Moldova
Head : Alexandsr Dikusar, Dr.Sci., prof., cor.-mem. ASM
Duration : 2020 - 2023
Division(s) : Laboratory of Mechanical Properties of Materials “Iulia Boiarskaia”

The project was aimed for the creation of scientific bases of the technologies for the manufacturing and use of new micro- and nanostructured materials and coatings obtained by physico-chemical methods (electrochemical, electrodischarge and combined: severe plastic deformation, magnetron sputtering, etc.), including electrochemical and electrodischarge technologies for dimensional processing. Investigations were performed to develop the technology for the electrodeposition of nanocrystalline coatings based on metals of the iron group with tungsten from electrolytes, which reduce the negative impact on the environment. The project involved as well the development of the scientific bases of the processing technology for obtaining nanostructured surface layers on metal surfaces during the interaction of low-voltage pulsed discharge plasma with the substrate material (parts) and as a result, the elaboration of concrete recommendations for the development of technological equipment of enhanced efficiency. The creation of the scientific bases of the technology of electrochemical machining of the complex shape parts (including GTE blades) by pulses of a microsecond range for the use in the enterprises of Moldova was fulfilled in the frame of the project. Another direction of the project was connected with the elaboration of synthetic biomaterials compatible with biologic tissue and of special functionality for the substitution and treatment of bone tissue. The coated structures on the basis of superficially nanostructured medical steel (substrate) and double layer of hydroxyapatite-bioglass (HA-BG) (coating) with advanced biological (biocompatibility, osteogenesis, antibacterial properties) and mechanical (adhesion, hardness, elasticity) properties were elaborated. The novelty of these investigations consist in the processing and using of the steel of a nanocrystalline superficial structure obtained by severe plastic deformation (extrusion) and a double layer HA-BG coating of this nanostructured steel by means of magnetron sputtering. As a result, the BG/HA/steel coated bio-nano-systems, which will contain the boro-magnesium-silico-phosphate BG as an upper layer with special dopants (Ce, Zn, etc) having high solubility în body fluids will be created. This composition will be beneficial for the recovery/treatment of the bone tissue around the implant and will prevent the appearance of the post-implantation infections. The project involved the development of highly effective technologies for the fabrication of strain-hardening, anticorrosion and biocompatible coatings with the possibility of their commercialization, including through the integration in the frame of the scientific and technical cluster Elchim-Moldova (OOOTopaz, Chisinau). The project was contributed as well for the creation of new knowledge in the field of the processing technologies of new micro- nanostructured materials and coatings on the base of the metals of Fe group with W, hydroxyapatite, bioglass and medical steel with their potential applications in machinery construction, microelectronics and orthopedic/dental implantology.

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