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Project CSSDT-STCU 6117 Nanocomposite Polymer/Organic Compounds with Rare Earth Ions for Photovoltaic Applications

Type : Bilateral project SCSTD (ASM) - STCU # 16.80013.16.02.02/6117STCU
Head : Ph.D. Victor Verlan
Duration : 2016 - 2018
Division(s) : Laboratory of Optoelectronics “Andrei Andriesh”

The objectives of the project:

Development of a novel technology for preparation of photoluminescent nanocomposite materials made of polymer/organic compounds with Eu(III) with up- and down- conversion and extended spectral response to UV and NIR. The optimal ionic and neutral ligands for coordination of rare-earth ions will be selected for a specific organic compound in order to increase the compatibility with different polymers.

Characterization of nanocomposites with organic compounds by photoluminescence, Raman, UV/VIS and IR spectroscopies, etc. Theoretical and experimental investigation of the mechanism of energy transfer from the polymer matrix and the ligands to the rare earth.

Development of a new Eu(III) based polymer/organic nanocomposit and of photovoltaic structure with extended to UV and NIR spectral response and enhanced light harvesting.

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