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Project CSSDT 17.80013.5007.03Ua New composite functional materials and structures on the base of chalcogenide glasses and photopolymers for optical and optoelectronic applications (CHALCOPOLIMAT)

Type : Bilateral project SCSTD (ASM) - State Agency on Science, Innovations and Informatization of Ukraine # 17.80013.5007.03Ua
Head : Elena Achimova, Ph.D.
Duration : 2017 - 2018
Division(s) : Laboratory of Materials for Photovoltaics and Photonics

The aim of the project was R&D of fundamental bases for the creation of new recording media based on new composite materials and thin film structures, applicable for optoelectronics. Research was directed towards the development of composite and modified chalcogenide glasses (CG), nanomultilayers structures from CG and thin film structures from doped photosensitive polymers. Various physico-chemical processes that occur as a result of the interaction of such materials and structures with electromagnetic radiation and other external factors were studied. Introduction of different modificators (Mn, Cr, Bi, Ge, rare-earth-elements, azo-dyes) will provide possibility of controlled change of optical, structural, luminescent and magnetic characteristics of CG and polymers which is relevant for up-to-date tendencies of nanotechnologies. On the base of such materials the elaboration of nanomultilayers and thin film structures for implementation on their base qualitative new elements of diffractive optics, media for optical recording of information, sensorics, etc., is planned. Optical elements were designed on the base of systematic studies of ability CG and polymers micro/nanolayers, composite and modified CG to be structured either by laser recording method or by exposure with e-beam radiation. The existing recording methods (laser/e-beam) were developed for direct one-step digital recording of surface structures. Potentials and limitations of exploited media and applied methods of micro- and nanostructuring were studied. This will open up perspectives for optimization and/or development for wide a variety of applications in different technical fields (diffractive optics, sensors, photonic crystals, counterfeiting elements etc.). Practical examples of optimized technology application for fabrication of functional microoptical elements were given. From the basic research point of view this project will contribute to better understanding of phenomena within CG and polymers induced by their interaction with different energy/intensity laser/e-beam excitation.


Expected results:

  • New structures based on CG with modificators and doped photopolymers for optical element recording;
  • Practical examples of optical element implemented on CG, composite and modified CG, and doped photopolymers media.


Project team (Rep. of Moldova:


Ukrainian partner - researchers from Department of Physics of Optoelectronic Devices (V.E. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics of the NAS of Ukraine), head - prof. Alexander Stronski.

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