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Project CSSDT 16.00353.50.05A Crystal engineering approach for design and tuning the architecture of functional metal-organic materials

Type : Project under state programme "Design-ul substanțelor chimice și dirijarea arhitecturii materialelor pentru diverse aplicații", SCSTD (ASM) # 16.00353.50.05A
Head : Ph.D. Victor Kravtsov
Duration : 2016 - 2017
Division(s) : Laboratory of Physical Methods of Solid State Investigation “Tadeusz Malinowski”

The objectives:

  • Based on successful team experience to develop the rational protocols for the directed fabrication of perspective MOMs with combination of useful properties, inclusion/luminescence/catalysis; inclusion/magnetism; inclusion/biologic activity.
  • To produce MOMs by connecting rod-or square-like organic moieties with inorganic ions or clusters. Tuning crystal structure by single-crystal-to-single-crystal transformations. Tailoring of material’s properties would be realized by appropriate choice of starting components.
  • To implement the single crystal X-ray structural study of fabricated materials.
  • To study the structure – properties relationship with attraction of arsenal of available investigation techniques.
  • To make efforts for preparation of Horizon 2020 project.
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