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The Yurii Simonov Memorial Prize winner 2017


The Yurii Simonov Memorial Prize for 2017 was awarded Diana Chisca for her contribution in design, synthesis, and X-ray structural study of the Co(II) crystalline coordination polymers of different dimensionality with mixed ligands such as dicarboxylic acids and bis(pyridine) ligands of different rigidity, or nicotinamide-like ligands. Such materials revealed the reversible single-crystal-to-single-crystal transformations accompanied by changing of color under the solvent molecules release/uptake. The synthesis of new materials together with study of adsorption, magnetic, spectral, and mechanical properties represent a valuable step for development of smart materials based on coordination polymers. Diana Chisca has graduated from Tiraspol State University of Moldova in 2004 and currently is affiliated with Institute of Applied Physics, Moldova Academy of Science, where she is finishing her PhD thesis. The prize awarded for the work that is part of her PhD thesis. Diana Chisca combines her research activity with teaching activities in Moldova State University in Chisinau.  

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