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Project ANCD 20.80009.5007.06 Intensification of transfer and processing processes in electric, electromagnetic, cavitational fields; applicability

Type : Project within the State Programs funded by the National Agency for Research and Development of the Republic of Moldova
Head : Mircea Bologa, Dr.Sci., prof., acad. ASM
Duration : 2020 - 2023
Division(s) : Laboratory of Thermo- and Hydrodynamic Processes

The project comprised investigations, analytical and numerical solutions, generalizations regarding intensification of heat and mass transfer, processing methods in electric, electromagnetic, cavitation/hydrodynamic fields, emerging technical and technological elaborations (according to the IFA profile and HG 382/2019). The objectives envisaged investigations and substantiation for the improvement of the transfer processes and processing methods in force fields including: the intensification of electroconvective heat transfer and for phase transformations in minichannels at the electrohydrodynamic (EHD) pumping of working agents, generation of high voltage; electroisomerization of lactose into lactulose with obtaining of mineral-protein concentrates with specified properties and lactic acid from secondary dairy products; electroplasmolysis at free juice flow and with fermentative preparations; cavitation extraction of bioactive substances; dehydration of plant raw materials; activation of materials in electromagnetic fields, nanophotocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants under the action of sunlight. The relevance was motivated by the need to intensify the transfer and processing processes using highly effective and easily adjustable electrophysical, electromagnetic, and cavitation phenomena.

The project resulted in new knowledge, emerging technological developments and techniques. The investigations ensured the modeling of the processes and generalization of the results, obtaining of calculation formulas, and optimization of the parameters of the processes. The results included the regularities of heat and mass transfer, EHD characteristics, formulas for calculating of the process parameters, optimization of the processing regimes; obtaining and application of the TiO2/diatomite nanocomposite. The applicability of the results was determined, recommendations and elaborations for novel techniques and emerging technologies was proposed.

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