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Project STCU 6224 Physical and photoelectrocatalytic properties of (Ag,Cu)2ZnSn(S,Se)4 for environmental friendly photovoltaic and photoelectrocatalytic devices

Type : International project, STCU # 6224
Head : Ernest Arushanov, acad. ASM
Duration : 2017 - 2019
Division(s) : Laboratory of Materials for Photovoltaics and Photonics

The main objectives of the project were:

  • Optimization of the growth conditions of both the ACZTSSe films, prepared by post-selenization of sprayed ACZTS films, and ACZTSSe single crystals.
  • Study the electronic transport properties of ACZTSSe films and single crystals. Carrier type and concentration, Hall mobility and conductivity as well as character of charge carriers scattering and mechanisms of conductivity will be determined. A major attention will be given to the establishment of a relationship between transport properties of the samples and their preparation conditions.
  • Determination of the optical functions of ACZTSSe films and crystals such as absorption coefficients using transmission and reflection measurements. The band gap value and its temperature dependence will be deduced and compared with the theoretical models.
  • Study the radiative recombination in ACZTSSe films and crystals by photoluminescence spectroscopy. Optical gap and optical active defect energy levels will be determined. A major attention will be given to the establishment of a relationship between photoluminescence properties of crystals and films and their preparation conditions.
  • Transient-grating experiment on ACZTSSe films and single crystals, determination of diffusion coefficients and carrier lifetimes which are among the most important parameters for solar cells materials.
  • Raman scattering analysis of ACZTSSe films and crystals: Their vibrational analysis will be correlated with their crystalline and composition characterization, for the systematic characterization of the dependence of the Raman modes on their composition. A systematic analysis and identification of the involved vibrational modes is still missing. Once identified the main vibrational modes characteristic of kesterite materials, Raman scattering will be applied for the identification of structural inhomogeneity’s as secondary phases and polytypic domains in crystals and thin films.
  • Design of device structures on the base of ACZTSSe thin layers for photovoltaic.
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