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Project CSSDT 15.817.02.09F Quantum Coherences and Nano-Photonics

Type : Institutional project, SCSTD code 14.02.093F, acronym - QUANO
Head : Mihai Macovei, Dr.Sci.
Duration : 2015 - 2019
Division(s) : Laboratory of Quantum Photonics

The aim of this project was the study and theoretical modeling of the phenomena of quantum coherence and nanophotonics. The project goal was to develop theories describing and predicting new effects in various nano-and micro-systern s interacting with intense (non-) coherent radiation, able to form the basis of various practicai applications.

Currently, such systems consisting of artificial atoms, have been extensively studied theoretically and experimentally. Recent advances in the production of high-power lasers with shorter radiation wavelength as those of the visible part of spectrum (in particular, X-ray lasers) allow the practicai application of research results in the near future. The proposed project is an interdisciplinary one being at the intersection of research such areas as
theoretical quantum coherence, engineering of new micro- and nano- structured materials, artificial atoms, optoelectronics, etc.

Proposed studies was included the development of new theoretical models and computer simulations elucidative for understainding the following photon / phonon / optomechanical nano-systems:

  1. New effects in quantum optomechanical systems with nano-resonators interacting with electric / magnetic / electromagnetic field [e.g. quantum cooling, detection of photons and their correlation with the vibrations, ultra-weak signal detection etc.]
  2. New phenomena in systems consisting of artificial atoms (quantum dots, quantum wells etc.) interacting with an acoustic and/or electromagnetic field(s), with emphasis on the role of interactions between the particles, quantum coherence and interference, the role of phonons etc. [e.g. phonon lasers and quantum phonon statistics, fluctuations in the phonon squeezed states etc.]
  3. Quantum dissipation and their manipulation; crystals formed of photons etc.; condensation of photons,
  4. Control and manipulation of excitations in quantum atomic lattices, biomaterials or optical / mechano-optical microcavities

and so forth.

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