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The Scientific Council

The Scientific Council of the Institute is a collective advisory board, elected for four years by a secret ballot. The Scientific Council consists of 17 members.

Among the 17 persons, there are several ex-officio members: the Director, the Deputy Director on Scientific Issues, the Scientific Secretary, full- and corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova currently acting at the Institute, a representative of the founding body, representatives of the Trade Union and of the Council of Young Scientists of the Institute.

The responsibilities of the Scientific Council include: determination of the strategic directions in the R&D; specification of the themes for the scientific activity of the Institute;  assessment of the results of the activities of the scientific divisions of the Institute as well as of its ad-hoc research teams, and of each researcher; approval of reports of the Institute; election, via competition, the research staff and the managerial team in conformity with the Code on Science and Innovation of the Republic of Moldova and the Institute Statute; development and approval of R&D plans  on the account of the national strategic directions and of the trends of the development of the world science; approval of the themes of the PhD and doctor habilitate dissertations and appointment of scientific advisers and consultants; approval of the results of the researchers certification; consideration of the issues of scientific cooperation with national and international organizations; election of the Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board of scientific publications of the Institute; approval of the regulations of the Institute scientific divisions and of the by-laws and regulations of the economic, technological and innovation bodies set up by the Institute or with its participation; submission of proposals recommending the Institute staff members as candidates for State awards; submission of proposals recommending high-value scientific works or scientific researchers for various prizes and bonuses.

List of members of the Scientific Council of the Institute:

  1. Olga Shikimaka, Ph.D., Chairman (Director of IAP);
  2. Alexei Meshalkin - Scientific Secretary (Scientific Secretary of IAP);
  3. Ernest Arushanov, Dr.Sci., acad. ASM;
  4. Mircea Bologa, Dr.Sci., acad. ASM;
  5. Ion Cojocaru, Ph.D.
  6. Sofia Klokishner, Dr.Sci.;
  7. Victor Kravtsov, Ph.D.;
  8. Leonid Kulyuk, Dr.Sci., acad. ASM;
  9. Nicolai Curmei, Ph.D. (Young Scientists Council president);
  10. Mihai Macovei, Dr.Sci.
  11. Valentin Mihailov, Ph.D;
  12. Oleg Reu, Ph.D. (a representativ of the Trade Union);
  13. Alexei Simashkevich, Dr.Sci., acad. ASM.
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