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Project CSSDT 15.819.02.01F Creșterea și cercetarea proprietăților structurale și magnetice a monocristalelor multiferoici HgCr2S4 și Fe1- xCuxCr2S4

Type : Project for young scientists, code 15.819.02.01F
Head : Stanislav Belevski, Ph.D.
Duration : 2015 - 2016
Division(s) : Laboratory of Materials for Photovoltaics and Photonics

This project was focused on growth of single crystals of magnetic compounds with spinel structure based on transition metals: HgCr2S4 and Fe1-xCuxCr2S4, characterization of their magnetic ground state and determination of the correlations between the magnetic ordering and structural and electronics properties. The research was directed towards elucidating of the origin of multiferroicity, of the mechanism of spin ordering in magnetic materials with different degree of frustration caused by disorder and peculiarities of the crystal structure. 

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