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Project ANCD 22.80013.5007.6BL Nanocomposite materials containing rare earth complexes for use in optoelectronics and solar energy

Type : International Bilateral Project under the Agreement on Scientific and Technical Operation between the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus and the National Agency for Research and Development of the Republic of Moldova
Head : Victor Verlan, Ph.D.
Duration : 2022 - 2023
Division(s) : Laboratory of Optoelectronics “Andrei Andriesh”

The aim of this project was to develop a new technology of nanocomposite structures for the up- and down-conversion of solar energy into optoelectronics and photovoltaics from polymers and organic coordinating compounds with rare earth trivalent ions (Eu, Yb).

The aim of the project was achieved by further increasing the sensitivity and expanding the optical response in the UV and NIR spectral domains. Achieving this goal was possible by exploring the benefits of the unique properties of binuclear (Eu-Eu) and heteronuclear (Eu-Yb) rare earth organic compounds in a polymeric matrix.

The successful completion of the project was achieved by implementing the following objectives:
1. Development of a new technology for the preparation of photoluminescent nanocomposite materials from polymers and coordinating compounds.
2. Characterization of compounds obtained by photoluminescent spectroscopy, Raman, UV transmission, VIS and NIR, as well as by X-ray diffraction, AFM, SEM and TEM microscopy. Theoretical and experimental investigation of the mechanism of energy transfer from the polymer matrix and from ligands to binuclear and heteronuclear ions of rare earths.
3. Development of a new photoluminescent nanocomposite based on binuclear (Eu-Eu) and heteronuclear (Eu-Yb) rare earth ions in a nanocrystalline polymeric matrix with extended UV and NIR spectrum response and increased light harvesting.

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