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Project CSSDT 15.817.02.05A Physico-chemical methods and engineering aspects of new materials and surfaces obtaining for multiscale technologies

Type : Institutional project, SCSTD code 15.817.02.05A, acronym - MULTI-TECH
Head : Alexandr Dikusar, cor. mem. ASM
Duration : 2015 - 2019
Division(s) : Laboratory of Electrophysical and Electrochemical Material Treatment Methods

In this project was carried out theoretical and experimental research on metal surfaces in order to give them high physico-mechanical and operational properties. Based on this research was developed new processes and technologies based on metal surfaces modified by electro-physico-chemical methods of processing, in particular, the electro-alloying methods, accelerated thermochemical processing of aqueous electrolytes and electrochemical formation of coatings will be applied for various functional usages and development of equipment for technologies based on new principles. Development of new methods for conducting fine electro-physico-chemical processes that will allow the formation of superficial layers on metal surfaces with specified properties was investigated. Obtaining on metal surfaces of surface layers with metastable structures will create prerequisites for a considerable increase of operating characteristics of the working areas of machine. Based on the scientific results obtained was created technological bases of the processes and wase developed recommandations on technology implementation for hardening of metal surfaces in various fields of the economy.

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