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Project ANCD 19.80013.50.07.06A/BL Carbide and nanostructure synthesis technology by electric-sparks alloying with graphite, Ti and W electrodes and their influence on the properties of metal surfaces

Type : International bilateral project, funded by the National Agency for Research and Development of the Republic of Moldova and the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus
Head : Valentin Mihailov, Ph.D.
Duration : 2019 - 2020
Division(s) : Laboratory of Electrophysical and Electrochemical Material Treatment Methods

Project objectives

1. Elaboration of the technological process of electric-sparks alloying of metallic surfaces with titanium, tungsten and graphite electrodes in order to obtain carbides and nanostructured phases in the superficial layers of metals.

2. Elaboration and production of experimental models, electric impulse generators and applicators for realization  of process with possibilities of variation in a wide range of energetic and technological regimes.

3. Establishing the laws of the electric-sparks alloying process using titanium, tungsten and graphite electrodes and optimizing the energy parameters (pulse discharge energy, their frequency and duration) and technological (the form of electrode movement: vibrations or rotations) to obtain of coatings with high physico-mechanical properties.

4. Study of structural and phase transformations in the superficial layers formed in the alloying process by electrodes from titanium, tungsten and graphite.

5. Study of the physico-mechanical properties of the layers formed by electric sparks alloying with titanium, tungsten and graphite electrodes: a) the hardness and b) the wear resistance.

6. Elaboration of the technological bases of the process of alloying with electric sparks with processing electrodes from titanium, tungsten and graphite.

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