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Institute of Applied Physics
5 Academiei str.
Chisinau, MD-2028
MOLDOVA (Rep. of)
phone: +(373) 22 738150
fax: +(373) 22 738149
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The Institute of Applied Physics prepares doctoral students within the Doctoral Schools of the State University of Moldova and the Technical University of Moldova on the profiles and scientific specialties accredited in these schools.

List of PhD Supervisers


The Institute of Applied Physics will organize and conduct habilitatus programs for researchers holding a PhD degree. Habilitatus programs with funding from the state budget or with any other type of funding, end with the defense of the thesis of Doctor Habilitatus (Doctor of Science). Authors of valuable scientific results (scientific discoveries / valuable international monographs without co-authors / publications in international journals with WoS or SCOPUS impact factor with large number of citations), following the completion of the habilitatus program, can defend the thesis of Doctor of Science based on the synthesis of published scientific papers.

INSTITUTIONAL REGULATION for organizing and conducting habilitatus programs in the Institute of Applied Physics (in Romanian).


For information contact the Directorate of the IAP:

Institute of Applied Physics, Directorate   
5 Academiei Str., Room 230
MD-2028, Chisinau
Republic of Moldova
tel.:  +(373) 22 723252, fax: +(373) 22 738149









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