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Project ANCD 18.80013.16.02.01/ERA.Net Development of a method for improving material properties by combined bulk and surface plastic

Type : International Project, Program ERA.Net Rus Plus ID: RUS_ST 2017-359, Acronym: BULKSURFACE
Head : Daria Grabco, prof.
Duration : 2018 - 2020
Division(s) : Laboratory of Mechanical Properties of Materials “Iulia Boiarskaia”


  1. The scientific objective of the proposed project was to develop new constitutive equations for the three different processes of severe plastic deformation: method of equal-channel angular pressing, friction and nanomicroindentation.
  2. The practical task of the present project was to design (using the proposed constitutive equations) of the technology for obtaining samples subjected to volumetric severe plastic deformation with subsequent surface treatment to create a nanostructure gradient of the material near the sample surface.
  3. The importance of the research proposed was that the results accumulated in the project will be used to obtain the required enhanced mechanical properties of dental implants made of high-quality anticorrosion steel AISI 316L.

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