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Project SCOPES IZ73Z0_152734 Spin-liquid and Spin-ice States in Frustrated Rare Earth and Transition Metal Spinels

Type : International project, SCOPES # IZ73Z0_152734
Head : Vladimir Tsurkan, Dr.Sci.
Duration : 2014 - 2017
Division(s) : Laboratory of Physics of Semiconductor Compounds “Sergiu Radautsan”

The project was aimed at investigation of magnetic frustration effects in transition-metal (TM) and rare-earth (RE) spinels. The TM AB2X4 (A= Fe, Mn; B= Sc, Y; X= S, Se) family is interesting due to realization of spiral spin- and spin-orbital liquids. We extended available experimental findings on polycrystalline samples by growing and investigating single crystals. The potential of the RE AB2X4 (A=Cd, Zn; B=Er, Yb; X =S, Se) compounds is at the beginning of its exploration. The first experiments performed on polycrystalline CdEr2Se4 suggest it is the first spin ice outside the rare-earth pyrochlore series. We ăroduced single crystals of several members of the RE family and investigated them using advanced local-probe and scattering techniques.

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