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Project CSSDT 15.817.02.07A Charge, heat and mass tranfer under thermoelectrophysical and cavitational influences; tehnological and technical elaborations

Type : Institutional project, SCSTD code 15.817.02.07A, acronym - TSCM
Head : Mircea Bologa, acad. ASM
Duration : 2015 - 2019
Division(s) : Laboratory of Thermo- and Hydrodynamic Processes

The project was provided experimental and theoretical investigations, technological and technical solutions in the priority areas related to the interaction of thermal, electrophysical, ultrasonic, cavitational and hydrodynamic fields with homogeneous media and heterogeneous systems.

Objectives: intensification of charge, heat and mass transfer under thermoelectrophysical influence; investigation of regularities of ultrasonic and cavitational processes for enhancement of plant materials treatment; obtaining and investigation of nanocomposits based on diatomite for solving environmental problems and catalysis.

The importance of these objectives is predetermined by necessity and significance of enhancing transfer processes by electrical, ultrasonic, and cavitational fields which are characterized by high efficiency, easy control and zero lag.

Prospects are identified by intensification of heat and mass transfer, treatment of heterogeneous systems, plant material and secondary dairy products. Planned investigationswere provided the registration of thermal, electrophysical, hydrodynamic, structural, ultrasonic, and cavitational characteristics.

Expected results: characteristics, parameters, regularities of  the processes of electrifying, charge, heat and  mass transfer at thermal, electrophysical, ultrasonic and cavitational influences; optimization of electrophysical parameters of processing of secondary dairy products, ultrasonic processing for extracting of active biological substances, increasing efficiency of processing of plant materials by elecrtroplasmolysis and solvents; obtaining and investigation of properties of nanocomposites based on diatomite for the neutralization of toxic organic complexes in aqueous solutions.
The optimal modes of transfer processes were founded and technological and technical recommendations for their implementation were presented.

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