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Project ANCD 22.80013.5007.7BL Technology and equipment for depositing multicomponent and multifunctional coatings on metal surfaces in the interaction of low-voltage discharge plasma with powdery materials

Type : International Bilateral Project under the Agreement on Scientific and Technical Operation between the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus and the National Agency for Research and Development of the Republic of Moldova
Head : Valentin Mihailov, Ph.D.
Duration : 2022 - 2023
Division(s) : Laboratory of Electrophysical and Electrochemical Material Treatment Methods

The purpose of this project was to develop the technology and specialized equipment for the deposition of multicomponent and multifunctional coatings in the interaction of low voltage discharge plasma with powdery materials (metallic and non-metallic powders).

Project objectives:
1. Scientific investigations to establish the basic legitimacy of the process of interaction of the plasma of impulse discharges with metallic and non-metallic powder materials. The influence of energy (pulse discharge energy, pulse pass frequency) and technological (particle granulation, nature of particle material, amount of powder introduced into the interstice in a unit of time, etc.) on the thickness and quality of the layers formed.
2. Formation on the work surfaces of machine parts of coatings with high physical-mechanical and operating properties (hardness, wear resistance and corrosion) in order to increase their reliability. Tests on wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
3. Development of plasma acceleration systems in order to intensify the micrometallurgical processes in the work area and increase the thickness of the layers formed, as well as their adhesion to the workpiece support.
4. Elaboration of technological recommendations regarding the deposition of coatings made of powdery materials with the help of plasma for low voltage pulse discharges.

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