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The Yurii Simonov Memorial Prize winner 2019


Yurii Simonov Memorial Prize for 2019 was awarded to Vasilii Graur for his contribution in design and synthesis of biologically active 3d metal coordination compounds with 4-allylchalcogensemicarbazones and their derivatives. The biological activity of such compounds strongly depends on the nature of different substituents in 4-allylthiosemicarbazide, alkylation of Sulphur atom, and it substitution by selenium one. Vasilii Graur skillfully used physic-chemical and single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis for understanding the structure-activity relationship in this group of compounds and finding new substances with selective activity against cancer cells and low toxicity. Vasilii Graur combines his research activity with teaching activities in Moldova State University in Chisinau and preparing students for international chemical Olympiads.

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