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Institute of Applied Physics
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MOLDOVA (Rep. of)
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Laboratory of Optoelectronics "Andrei Andriesh"

Head of laboratory:

    prof., Dr.Sci. Mihail Iovu
    cab. 248
    phone : + (373) 22 728807
    fax : + (373) 22 738149
    email : [javascript protected email address]


Areas of activity

  • Production technology and optical spectroscopy of chalcogenide glasses, optical fibers, amorphous layers including metallic impurities doped with rare earth elements, polymer nanocomposite materials coordinated with lanthanides.
  • Study of electrical, optical, photoelectrical, luminescence and photoinduced phenomena in non-crystalline semiconductors and optical fibers.
  • Theoretical study of the electronic and vibrational dynamics in quantum small systems (nanostructures) and quantum molecular systems under the action of external fields (electric, magnetic, high-intensity laser radiation).
  • Elaboration of photonic and optoelectronic devices (photocells; recording media; gas, microdeformation, temperature, IR and ionizing radiation detectors).

The laboratory possesses a range of performant/unique equipment and facilities, some of which are also available to non-IFA researchers. E.g:

Laboratory of Optoelectronics „Andrei Andrieș” (LO) is the successor of the Laboratory „Photoelectrical Properties of Semiconductors” founded in 1970 at the Institute of Applied Physics of the ASM (Head of the Laboratory – Acad. Andrei Andrieș, since 2006 – Dr.Sci. Mihail Iovu).

Academician Andrei Andrieș Dr.Sci., conf., Mihail Iovu

The scientific activity of the LO is focused on the investigations of the electrical, optical, photoelectrical and luminescent characteristics of different binary and ternary vitreous chalcogenide semiconductor systems, also called chalcogenide glasses. In the center of attention are the following issues: obtaining of photosensitive thin films from chalcogenide glasses; elaboration of registration media of optical and holographic information; development of different fiber optic sensors for the IR spectrum, of photonic and optoelectronic devices.

The LO staff conduct research into such chalcogenide glasses as As2S3, As2Se3, As2S3-Sb2S3, As2S3:Sn, As2Se3:Sn, As-Se-Ge, As-S-Se-Sn, Ge-Sb-Te, including those doped with rare-earth elements (Pr3+, Dy3+, Nd3+, Sm3+, Ho3+); into nanocomposite materials from coordonated polymers with rare-earth compounds (Eu3+, Tb3+); and into nanocomposites polymer/inorganic semiconductors (As2Se3, As2S3, CdS, CdSe, etc). Theoretical aspects of quantum effects caused by the reduced dimensions in nanocomposite materials are also dealt with. The LO have participated in the implementation of several multilateral international grants and projects such as NATO, FP7, INTAS, CRDF, STCU, as well as bilateral ones. The LO have scientific collaboration ties with the research centres of excellence from France, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland,Romania, Russia, and Ukraine.

The LO collaborators E.P. Colomeico, V.I. Verlan, M.A. Iovu, M.R. Cernii, V.G.Abașchin, A.A.Simașchevici, V.V. Bivol, I.P. Culeac, E.A. Achimova, I.A. Cojocaru, S.A. Malkov, V. Dolghieru, E.G. Hancevskaya, N. Gumeniuc, D.V. Harea have prepared and defended their PhD disssertations in physics, and .D. Șutov, M.S. Iovu, D.I. Țiuleanu, V.N. Ciumaș, A.I. Buzdugan, A.A. Popescu – dissertations for the degree of Dr.Hab.( Dr.Sci.) - the second, higher degree in the Republic of Moldova.

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