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National and international collaborations

In its research and development activity, IAP pays special attention to collaboration both nationally and internationally. IAP regularly collaborates with colleagues from research institutes and universities around the world in carrying out bilateral and multilateral research projects and agreements, publishing joint scientific results, patenting inventions, technology transfers, organizing and participating in scientific conferences and seminars, delegations and internships at various established scientific centers. Our view is that this collaboration can benefit both the interests of scientists and engineers, as well as benefit the national economy.

Any questions and proposals regarding national and international cooperation should be addressed to the IAP Scientific Secretary:

  • Ion Cojocaru, Ph.D.
    room 230
    phone: + (373) 22 723252
    fax: + (373) 22 738149
    email: [javascript protected email address]

Collaboration agreements with institutions from the Republic of Moldova:


Partner institution(s)



Collaboration agreement

Tiraspol State University (based in Chisinau), Chisinau Ensuring a modern scientific-didactic process of professional training of students 2022-2027

Collaboration agreement

Tiraspol State University (based in Chisinau), Chisinau Scientific activities carried out jointly, forms of capitalization of common results  2021-2026

Partnership contract

State University of Moldova, Chisinau; “D.Ghișu” Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnologies, Chisinau; Institute for the Development of the Informational Society, Chisinau; “Bogdan Petriceicu Hașdeu” State University, Cahul Preparation of high quality scientific staff through Ph.D. studies within the University Academic  Consortium "Doctoral School of Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Information and Engineering" 2021- 2025

Scientific collaboration agreement

Technical University of Moldova, Scientific-Educational Center "Resonant Nanotechnologies", Chisinau

Carrying out joint scientific research work in the fields of tribology of electrochemical materials and technologies in order to obtain wear-resistant galvanic coatings for the reconditioning and hardening of the contact surfaces of machine parts


Agreement on association in the innovative cluster "ELCHIM-MOLDOVA"

The joint venture "TOPAZ" S.A .; Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnologies; State University of Moldova; Technical University of Moldova; “Dimitrie Cantemir” State University, Chisinau; "Alecu Russo" State University, Balti

Concentration of financial,  material and intellectual resources available for the development of production, innovation, scientific research, technology transfer and education

2019- 2024

Partnership Framework Convention

State University of Moldova, Chisinau

Establishing a partnership in order to adjust the professional training process of students to the needs of the labor market; providing scientific and advisory assistance

Collaboration agreement in the research topic "Electrophysical processing of secondary dairy products and extraction of mineral protein concentrates with predetermined protein content" State University of Moldova, Chisinau

Development of bilateral scientific collaboration in the field of non-residual processing of by-products of dairy products and extraction of mineral protein concentrates with predetermined protein content, promotion of achievements at national and international level


Collaboration agreement

National Center of Judicial Expertise attached to the Ministry of Justice, Chisinau

Establishment of joint teams of researchers and forensic experts for the development of scientific research completed by checking, adapting and developing methods and instructions on conducting expertise, periodicals, collections of studies, participation in the realization of grants, etc.


Scientific-technical collaboration contract

SRL "SunGa", Ciadâr Lunga, ATU Gagauzia

Scientific-technical and engineering collaboration in the field of photovoltaics and solar energy


Collaboration agreement

National Museum of History of Moldova, Chisinau

The partnership on conducting research activities in order to capitalize on the cultural heritage of the Republic of Moldova

2020, anlimited

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