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Institute of Applied Physics
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Chisinau, MD-2028
MOLDOVA (Rep. of)
phone: +(373) 22 738150
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EDUROAM access

The Institute of Applied Physics is a member of the Eduroam network offering eduroam roaming service via WiFi access points for all visitors engaged in research, higher education or further education. Access to the network is provided to users upon their authentication performed by their home institution, using the same credentials as when they access the network locally. IFA researchers, in the same way, can benefit from the Eduroam service/network during their staying  at other research or education institutions members of Eduroam.

Note: unfortunately, due to the structure of the institute's building, Eduroam access points are not accessible throughout all the rooms.

More about Eduroam network can be found on or

For technical description of the Eduroam service/network please read "eduroam Policy Service Definition". Simmilar information on our Eduroam (MD) can be found in "eduroam(MD) Technical Specification".

Questions / support regarding Eduroam for IAP should be addressed to:
Corneliu Gherman
of. 220, Institute of Applied Physics
5, Academiei str, Chisinau,
MD 2028, Moldova (Rep. of)
email: [javascript protected email address]
phone: + (373) 22 739805

For IAP visitors:

  • Look for "Eduroam" wifi access points, and when connecting, enter the credentials (login / password) previously obtained from the responsible for Eduroam from your institution.
    Note: Due to the structure of our institute building, Eduroam access points are not accessible in some rooms. We are aware of this problem on the solution we are working on. Thank you for understanding!


For IAP researchers:

  • If you are in another institution, look for "Eduroam" wifi access points and use your mailbox name ( and its password as login/password to connect to those acces points. In some institutions there is the possibility to use Eduroam also when connecting via cable - additional information can be obtained at the local network / Eduroam responsible.
  • If you visit an institution that you know is a member of Eduroam, but you do not see such access points, or you have problems when connecting, contact local network / Eduroam responsible.
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