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Project CSSDT 15.817.02.07F Effects of quantum optics and kinetics in nanostructures for informatics and advanced biophotonics

Type : Institutional project, SCSTD code 15.817.02.07F, acronym - OPTICACUANTICA
Head : Nicolae Enaki, Prof.
Duration : 2015 - 2019
Division(s) : Laboratory of Quantum Optics and Kinetic Processes

The control and detecting of the quantum states of the correlated radiator assembly (quantum dots, impurities, atoms, nuclei, etc.) in absorption and emission can be used in the processing of information and optical transmission in the optical integrated circuits and Bioinformatics. The quantum processing based on the phenomenon of corpuscular-wave proprieties of collective modes of interaction oscillations (atom-photon, electron-phonon, optical and magnetic resonance, plazmoni, etc.) will result in hybridization of these subsystems and their further use in various optical equipment extensive applications in telecommunication, information security and Bioinformatics.

Based on existing effects in some physical or biological systems was developed as a new method of highlighting the probabilities of quantum events (needed in computer science), the study of distribution functions, entropy, and quantum competition. Based on these studies was focused on the notion of measure and standard of polarization correlations or the number of particles (or phase) to quantify the transmission and routing information with a high degree of safety in integrated optical circuit devices.

Using optical cavities, photonic crystals and optical fibers in biomedicine opens a new ways to link inorganic systems and biomolecules. For example, the contact area between the implant and cells can not only be done but also guided by surveillance and decontamination UV transmission of information using optical structures mentioned above. The quantified structure of the energy of quasi-particle, transmitted from one DNA segment to another (or in connection of coupled protein microtubule of neurons) allows us to use the distribution function conception or quantum state tomography of the localized states in order to further apply and develop quantum effects in Bioinformatics.

Cooperative effects of optics and condensed matter physics according of our opinion may lie on the bases of the transmission and processing of information by the cellular tissue through the intracellular space. Development of nonlinear models of superradiance, ferromagnetism and superconductivity opens the new possibilities in the diagnosis of the new collective processes of coheretization between the cells under influence of external factors in the form of pulses transmitted through neurons of the peripheral nervous system.

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