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Institute of Applied Physics
5 Academiei str.
Chisinau, MD-2028
MOLDOVA (Rep. of)
phone: +(373) 22 738150
fax: +(373) 22 738149
email: [javascript protected email address]

Svetlana Baca's personal page

  • First name: Svetlana
  • Last name: Baca
  • Degree: Ph.D.
  • Title: assoc. prof.
  • Position/division: Leading scientific researcher / Laboratory of Physical Methods of Solid State Investigation “Tadeusz Malinowski”
  • Office: 204
  • phone : + (373) 22 738154
  • fax : + (373) 22 738149
  • email: [javascript protected email address]
  • Corresponding address :
    Svetlana Baca,
    off. 204, Laboratory of Physical Methods of Solid State Investigation “Tadeusz Malinowski”,
    Institute of Applied Physics,
    5 Academiei str., Chisinau, MD-2028,
    MOLDOVA (Rep. of)


Book Chapters:

Baca, S.G. "The Design of Coordination Networks from Polynuclear Mn(II, III) and Fe(III) Oxo-Carboxylate Clusters" in Advances in Chemistry Research. Volume 43. Ed. James C. Taylor, New York, USA: Nova Science Publishers, 2018, p. 81 - 130. ISBN 978-1-53613-078-2.

S. G. Baca and S. Decurtins. “ Phthalate-Based Coordination Polymers” in Phthalates: Chemical Properties, Impacts on Health and the Environment (Editors: G.L. Moretti and D. Romano), Nova Science Publishers, USA. 2012, pp. 3-63. ISBN: 978-1-62257-065-2.

S.G. Baca and M.D. Ward. Luminescent Coordination Polymers Based on [M(phen)(CN)4]2- (M = Ru, Os) Cyanometallate Building Blocks’’ in Polymer Synthesis (Ed.: E. Kowsari), Nova Science Publishers, USA. 2011, pp. 21-34. ISBN: 978-1-61324-672-6.



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