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Aplicare pentru Premiul Memorial Iurii SImonov

Notă: toate materialele expediate trebuie sa fie în engeză sau vor conține traduceri în engleză, nu numaidecât legalizate sau oficiale.


Applicant qualifications:

Only those applicants satisfying the following criteria will be considered:

  • Application should be submitted by researchers (including post-graduate students on late stages of their PhD program) affiliated with scientific institutes and universities of Moldova;
  • In order to encourage young researchers, for even years (Prize of 2013, 2015, etc) we will focus on younger scientists. In such years our competionon is open to researchers younger than 35 years old who defended their PhD no more than six years ago or are in late stages of their PhD program. For those candidates the requirement to submit citation index is void.
  • Commitee will consider either individual submissions, or submission from no more than two applicants. One of applicants should be either first or last author. In case of young researchers' prize, scientific advisor cannot co-share the prize.
  • Application should contain original refereed publications in international refereed journals within last five years;
  • Committee will not consider publications that were already awarded the prize in the past;
  • Publications of conference proceedings will not be considered even if it is published as special edition of  international refereed journals;
  • Publications should cover Solid State Physics, Crystallography, and Crystal and Structural Chemistry;

Application cycle of 2017 (prize of 2018) will be open for all candidates.


How to apply:

Applicants should send the following materials electronically (in PDF or MS Word format):

  • Cover letter with names, addresses, and electronic contacts of the applicants;
  • CV;
  • Short description of overall contribution of the project to the field (2 pages maximum);
  • PDFs of the publications;
  • Citation list;
  • Any supporting materials (letters of support, both from eminent researchers and applicant' institution, etc.)

All submitted materials should be in English or should contain reasonable (not necesserily official) translation.


Applications and Questions can be addressed to:


Dr. Marina S. Fonari
Institute of Applied Physics
5 Academiei str., MD-2028, Chisinau, Moldova (Rep. of)
phone: + (373) 22 738154
fax: + (373) 22 725887
e-mail :;


Deadline for applications: November 20

Address to apply:

Notification of winners:  May 20

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